Parents Guide

Promoting children's development

Baitian's products are not only for children's enjoyment, but also for their growth and learning. Our goal is to involve children in a variety of playful and imaginative activities, while continuously improving their abilities and promoting their physical and mental health. In order to achieve this ambition, we strivetowards the following principles:

1.Real-world society simulation.This can promote children's understanding of social rules, lifestyles, and develops social responsibility. In particular, acolorful palette,fluidinteraction, and realistic simulation can attract more children to participate in these online activities. While taking part, children can learn to be brave, confident, caring, and activemembers of society.

2.An Aura of Mystery. In addition to real world simulation, we have created a fascinatingand mysterious community whichappeals tothe natural curiosity of children, encouraging them to exploretheir imagination.

3.Encourage Cooperation. Thishelps to develop a child's social skills, enhancing their communication and interactionabilities. Their spirit of friendship can be cultivated throughproviding a space to learn andshare with others.The importance of cooperation with their friends to meet objectives is promoted to enable children to become happy and healthy within society.

4.Role-Play.Thishelps children to develop abstract thinking.Children tend to be more focused, more diverse, and more imaginative in their problem solving. We encourage them to demonstrate their planning skills to organize their fictional activity.

5.Novel and Fun Activities. Community activities followtraditional Chinese culture, Western culture and important scientific discoveries, so that children have opportunities to accumulate a breadth of knowledge. Children are also encouraged to show their original writing and pictures to improvetheirartistic creativity.

6.Avatars and Rooms. Each child has his own avatarand personal roomwithin the community. This encourages them to develop their hands-on skills and imagination in a personalized costume. Creativity is enhanced, but it also helps children develop their own sense of identity.

7.Puzzles. Carefully selected puzzle games to meet children's needs. Puzzle games can develop a child's intelligence, fully exploiting their observation and reasoning abilities.They must exercise critical thinking and responsiveness as they use their imagination to solve a real mystery.

Health and Safety

We are committed to creating a green, pure children's virtual world, a safe and healthy internet environment is our most basic guarantee for children. We are committed to the philosophy that "When children are happy and comfortable, can set their minds at ease", and sowe take the following measures:

1.Cancel Account Upgrade Feature. We actively advocate a happy and healthy way to access the Internet. As such, parents can choose to completely cancel the account upgrade function, to avoid excessive use

2.Filter Mature Content.Language filtering is in place to monitor the community atmosphere and ensure a healthy and safe environment is maintained.

3.Non-disclosure of Personal Information.In the interests of actively protecting minors from losing their private data, we protect our records and continuously monitor for suspicious activity.

4.Control online time. We hope that children will use the internet for areasonable length of time. However, shouldthat time prove to be too long,we can limit their daily online time. Whenthe time limit is exceeded, children will be reminded to go offline.

5.Reports Procedures.When someone is found to have broken the community rules, their behavior can be reported at any time. We pledge to handle all reported complaints promptly and carefully to ensure a healthy and safe community.