Founded in 2009, BAIOO Family Interactive Limited (also known as BAITIAN Guangzhou) was listed on the Hong Kong Stock Exchange in April 2014 (HKEx Stock Code: 2100.HK). It is a leading internet content and service provider and has been included as one of China's Top 100 Internet Companies for two consecutive years. The company has become a leading player in China’s niche gaming market by focusing on games across three niche genres, namely female-oriented games, pet collection and raising games, and comic-adapted “nijigen” games. BAIOO is a gaming brand prevailing among Generation Z.

Headquartered in Guangzhou, China, BAIOO has over 1000 staff. Since its establishment, BAIOO has been primarily committed to the development and operation of online contents. Some of its key products have accumulated more than 100 million registered users respectively. To achieve further business expansion in the mobile internet era, BAIOO has released a collection of popular mobile games that have been well received across mainland China and also gained great acclaim in Hong Kong, Macau, Taiwan, Japan, South Korea, Europe and the United States.

Looking ahead, BAIOO will continue to focus on developing games in the niche gaming segments. Leveraging its “IP Super Evolution” strategy and its IPs that were developed throughout the years, BAIOO will continue to develop a series of creative and attractive products, with an aim to provide young users with differentiated and upgraded IP experience and services, create successive hit titles and sequels, and become a joy-making platform for the youth.